What is a Lurcher?

The dictionary definition of a Lurcher describes it as "a crossbred dog usually a retriever, collie or sheepdog crossed with a greyhound and used by hunters and by poachers."

Not the most flattering description, but then not many dictionaries are written by Lurcher people.

So from our perspective what is a Lurcher?  A Lurcher is a purpose bred hunting dog, a sight hound crossed with a pastoral breed. In the past Lurchers were used for pest control of rabbits and foxes. Some of the larger Lurchers were also used for coursing hares, although sadly now the only legal quarry for Lurchers are rabbits and rats.

For anyone intending to use their Lurcher for work then the cross chosen will depend on several factors, not least of which is the part of the country in which they may live. Someone living in an area comprising of small fields, and/or who wants to catch rabbits, may favour the smaller Bedlington/Whippet cross, whereas someone living in flat open lands may choose a Collie/Greyhound cross.  Someone living on moorland or fells may prefer a larger more rangy type of Lurcher such as a Deerhound cross.

If your Lurcher is solely a companion then you can still get involved in all NL&RC activities.

Lurchers come in a variety of coat length and coat colour