NL&RC Membership

Members are entitled to reduced price tickets into certain shows, a bi-annual members magazine, newsletters, free entry into members showing class, the opportunity to assist at various events and a chance to socialise with like minded people.


All of our demonstrations and competitions are arranged around working practice. The blind stay for example is an important discipline for anyone who may be out working with ferrets as sometimes holes may be both side a wall or hedge. You must be confident that you can leave your dog to work on the blind side without constantly checking on its whereabouts, and it is needless to say a dog that will not retrieve will leave the handler with a lot of legwork to do when out lamping.

 The NL&RC is open to anyone with an interest in Lurchers, if you would like to join please visit our shop where you can join online, alternatively, if we are at a show or event please feel free to come along to the Lurcher area and have a go with your own dog or just come along to watch ours.


 Click here to read NL&RC Member Rules

Click here to read NL&RC Code of Conduct for Working Lurchers