Results & Reports 2017

Hampshire 2017

At the Hampshire Country Sports Day on 10 th September, a day beset with technical problems, the NL&RC would particularly like to thank John Miles and also Steve Hurst of 1066 Racing for their help to run the Lurcher field events, and all competitors and supporters for their patience.

Simulated Coursing Champion was Kev Dominey’s YONI and Reserve was Karen Faint’s CERYS.

Under 23’ Racing Champion was Nick Francis MOLLY and Reserve was Chris Price’s SKY.

23 and Over Racing Champion was Les Baldry’s KERRY and Reserve was Rick Thompson’s THOR

The fun Obedience was won by Fran Hambridge with JADE, equal Second were John Miles with JAY and Glen Starling with SANDY, and Forth was Matthew Jembey with TITCH

In the show the Junior Handler Champion was 10 year old Sarah Croucher with ASH

1st in the Members Class was ‎Jane Hayes’ TEAZEL, 2nd was Glyn Starling’s CERYS. 3rd was Lane Gazder’s SHY.

Champion Working Dog was John Crossling’s ALFIE

Terrier Puppy Champion was B Pinder’s TROUBLE, and was Adele Sherwood took Terrier Champion and Reserve with BASIL and ELLIE respectively.

Lurcher Puppy Champion was Tracy James GEM and Reserve was Sally Foat’s TIMBER

Lurcher Champion was Adam Woods BONNIE and Reserve was Louise Croucher’s KEEPER

Thanks to Diana Plumtree, Paul Stevens, Cass Richards, John Miles and Lana Gazder for judging as well as all the stewards and helpers in what turned into a very wet afternoon.

Chatsworth 2017

Simulated Coursing Champion was Carole Brannan with‎ APACHE and Reserve was Tracey Beauchamp with with ROSIE

Under 23" Racing Champion was Lauren Thomas' CHANCE and Reserve was Ron Cockerton's PIP.23" + Over Racing Champion was Danny Richards' TINY and Reserve was Caroline Ewing's OZZY.Hurdles Champion was Steve Hawkins' BOO and Reserve was Emma Sandham's SKYE

23" and Over Long Jump Champion was Vicki Steadman's HEIDI and Reserve was Steve Barker's ZIGGY

Under 23" Long Jump Champion was Carol Harris' LARK and Reserve was Luke Kinnard's Merlin.  

After a nail-biting finish to the obedience, the Superdog Champion was Lauren Thomas' CHANCE and Reserve was Vicki Steadman's HEIDI. Congratulations to the following: Carole Brannan with APACHE, Luke Kinnard with‎ MERLIN and Lana Gazder with SHY who all came 5th.

More to follow.

Holkham Country Fair - Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd July


Simulated Coursing Champion was Jim Bowskill’s HONEY and Reserve was Elaine Williams’ CARA. Under 23” Racing Champion was Wendy Cockerton with Pip and Reserve was Tracey Beauchamp’s PEBBLES. 23” and Over Racing Champion was Charlotte Munday’s Doris and Reserve was Ron Cockerton’s BRODIE

In the show the Winner of the NL&RC Members class was Jane Davis with DORIS and the Working Lurcher class was won by Tracey Beauchamp’s BREEZE

Open Obedience Champion was Lana Gazder with SHY. Novice Champion was Lisa Bowles with SALLY and Reserve was Zoltan Harper with ZEUS.

Champion Lurcher Puppy was Claire Lawrence’s SORREL and Reserve was Tracey Beauchamp’s PUKKA. Champion Lurcher was Claire Lawrence’s BASIL and Reserve was Rod Clark’s VINNIE


Simulated Coursing Champion was Joe Bowskill’s MILLIE and Reserve was Tracey Beauchamp’s BREEZE. Under 23” Racing Champion was Tracey Beauchamp’s PEBBLES and Reserve was Fiona Futcher’s CHASE. ‘23” and Over’ Racing Champion was Lee Munday with DORIS and Reserve was Ron Cockerton’s BRODIE

In the Show the Junior Handling Champion was TROY WILSON and the winner of the NL&RC Members class was Jane Davies’s DORIS

Open Obedience Champion was Lana Gazder with SHY. Novice Champion was Lesley Pegg with LEVI and Reserve was Zoltan Harper with ZEUS.

Puppy champion was John Hoyland’s DESMOND and Reserve was Angie Perry’s KAZIA. Champion Lurcher was Claire Lawrence’s BASIL and Reserve was Ben Dickinson’s PINTO

Dogs Unleashed, Bakewell – 24th & 25th June

Lovely weekend at Bakewell, weather was perfect for both us and the dogs. The event was very well attended and many thanks to Rob Davies and Steve Hawkins for judging and many thanks to all who helped out.

Results as follows

Emma Sandham had a fabulous start to Saturday morning taking both Champion and Reserve in the coursing with BELLE and DAVE respectively. Well done Emma.

Obedience Champion was Lana Gazer with SHY, and reserve was Tom Birchall with ATLAS. Novice Champion was Glen Starling with SANDY.

In the man ring grand finale Martin Cooke won the Terrier racing with ODDIE and Jose Byard came a close 2nd with BORIS


Simulated Coursing Champion was Caroline Ewing’s OZZY and Reserve was Joe Stones’ JET. Junior handling was won by Joe Hawkins but hot on his tail was Alec Prime. Lurcher Puppy Champion was Glen Starling’s CERYS and Reserve was Bob Jones’ CAP. Winner of the members class was Jose Byard’s SOX, Second was Steve Hawkins with SHIFTY and 3rd was Joe Stones with JET. Winner of the Working Lurcher class was Dean Prime with Choc. Champion lurcher was Jose Byard’s SOX and Reserve went to Emma Sandham’s BELLE

Champion Terrier was Steve Allibone’s DOLLY and Reserve was Jackie Tranter’s COOPER.

Obedience Champion and Reserve was Carol Brannon with Cotton and & Apache respectively.

Well done to all the winners and reserves and many thanks to all who attended

Duncombe Park Country Fair – Monday 29th May

A foggy start cleared to a nice afternoon in the wonderful setting of Duncombe Park.

Simulated Coursing Champion was Vanessa Shipley’s GERALD and Reserve was Karen Alderson’s IDA. Under 23” Racing Champion was Emma Sandham’s BELLE and Reserve was Joe Stones’ JET 23” & Over Racing Champion was Janine Chambers’ LEXI and Reserve was COCO. Junior Handler Champion was William Richardson with BOOMER. Working Lurcher class was won by Harriette Beecroft with SOOTY. Winner of the NL&RC Members’ class was Margaret Hague’s LUKE, 2nd was Rod Clark’s VINNIE and 3rd was Emma Sandham’s BELLE. Puppy Champion was James Young’s TED and Reserve was Chloe Alford with DYLAN. Champion Lurcher was Margaret Hague’s JED and Reserve was Julie Rotter’s PIPPA.

As always, thanks go to all the judges and stewards, helpers and everyone who supported the show.

Anyone wishing to view photos of the running events can visit

Southwell Race Night – Tuesday 16th May

As usual, rain set the scene for the Countryside Evening at Southwell Racecourse in Nottinghamshire where NL&RC were once more running Straight Racing for Lurchers in between the horse races. However, it did manage to hold off for all the heats of the lurcher racing held within the grandstand enclosure, as part of an evening that also saw parades from Upton Shire Horses, Grove & Rufford Foxhounds and Oakley Foot Beagles, as well as flat and jump racing. This year for the first time we also trialled the Obedience Competition which added another dimension to the evening, thanks go to Harry & Lorraine for running this.

Novice Obedience Champion was Jason Futcher with TWIST Open Obedience Champion was Rob Nelthorpe with TRAPPER Under 23” Champion was Graham Burton’s OLLIE and Reserve was Trev Royston’s STIG. 23” & Over Champion & Reserve was Paul Stevens & BLUE and SMUDGE respectively 

The presentation was a somewhat rushed affair, owing to the fading light and an impending downpour, and as timing is of crucial importance to this event, all competitors are thanked for their co-operation. NL&RC extend thanks to all the crew and to Trevor Morrell for judging, but most of all to the team at Southwell Racecourse for their help towards what was again, despite the weather, a most enjoyable evening.

Driffield - April 2017

The Driffield Country Fair was held in Driffield, East Riding, on Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30. Lurcher and terrier events were run by the National Lurcher & Racing Club and the trophies were presented by Robert Ivall on behalf of the sponsors, Martyn Meade Racing. 

Saturday results Simulated Coursing winner Z. Bear's 'Lumen'. Runner-up C. Brannan's 'Apache'. (no photo) 23” and Under Straight Racing winner R. Cockerton's 'Pip'. Runner-up Matt's 'Belle'. Over 23” Straight Racing winner R. Cockerton's 'Brodie'. Runner-up W. Stephenson's 'Blade'. Hurdles Racing winner W. Stephenson's 'Blade'. Runner-up S. Barker's 'Indie'. Lurcher Champion A. Hulland's 'Millie'. Reserve R. Clarke's 'Brydie'. Terrier Champion C. Sabin's 'Dolly'. Reserve K. Atkinson's 'Monty'. 

Sunday results Simulated Coursing winner E. Sandham's 'Bella'. Runner-up C. Brannan's 'Sox'. 23” and Under Straight Racing winner P. Fowler's 'Nobby'. Runner-up G. Lowe's 'Amber'. Over 23” Straight Racing winner J. Chambers' 'Lexi'. Runner-up C. Ewing's 'Ozzy'. Hurdles Racing winner S. Barker's 'Indie'. Runner-up C. Brannan's 'Chintz'. Lurcher Champion V. Growcock's 'Sebastian'. Reserve Theresa's 'Pippa'. Terrier Champion B. Gibson's 'Bonzo'. Reserve K. Atkinson's 'Monty'.  

Photos can be seen on our Facebook Page. Click here

Netherseal – 26th March

Thanks to all who supported this new show that started our annual programme and congratulations to the following: Champion Junior Handler was Joe Hawkins with SHIFTY and Reserve was Abbie Rushby with ABBEY Jose Byard won the NL&RC Members class with SOX and also the Working Lurcher class with BOO. Open Obedience Champion was Leslie Edwards with THIMBLE and Reserve was Lana Gazda with SHY Novice Obedience was Tom Birchall with ATLAS and Reserve was Glen Starlings’ SANDY Puppy Champion was Vicki Grocock’s NICO and Reserve was Angie Perry’s LUCA Champion Lurcher was Steve Hawkins’ SHIFTY and Reserve was Alys Hulland’s MILLIE