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Qualifiers for NL&RC Championships 2017

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Show, Junior Handler & Working Lurcher

Anyone wishing to run their Show as a qualifier for NL&RC Chatsworth Championships should send an application to NL&RC Chatsworth Qualifiers, c/o 9 Warner Road, Rye Croft, Walsall, West MIDLANDS, WS3 1RW by 28th February 2017.

Applications should include Title, Date and Location of the Show (and nearest possible postcode), with contact details for the organiser / applicant, and also contact details for public enquiries if these are different to the organiser.  Applications should be accompanied by a cheque for £5.00 made payable to NL&RC and post-dated to 28th February, which includes all 3 qualifiers.

Running Events

Anyone wishing to run Simulated Coursing, ‘Under 23”’ Straight Racing, ‘23” and Over’ Straight Racing, or Hurdle Racing as a qualifier for the NL&RC Championships 2017 may apply using the same procedure. There is no closing date but please note that applications will not be considered with less than 4 weeks notice.  Applications should be accompanied by a cheque for £5.00 which covers all four categories.  

For enquiries contact the Show Secretary Elaine Williams on 01922 625147.

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  1. Lana Gazder

    This is a reasonable charge so I will be doing my show application soon for ALL the events. Thanks!

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