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2015 Racing Qualifiers

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First 5 Racing qualifiers of 2015 are : 

12th April - NILRC Race Day, 'Field of Dreams' Schooling Track, Co Londonderry, NI Postcode BT45 8PA

19th April - Kelvin Valley Lurcher Club Show, Mossblown, AYRSHIRE. KA5 6BD

26th April - Hampshire Lurcher & Terrier Show, Dummer Cricket Centre HAMPSHIRE. RG252AR

3rd & 4th May - NL&RC at the Raptor Fair, Chetwynd Park, SHROPSHIRE. TF10 8AA

All have Unders and Overs Straight Racing, Dummer and Chetwynd Park also have Simulated Coursing.

There is no closing date for applications for the Racing qualifiers, although we do need 4 weeks notice

Anyone wishing to run Simulated Coursing, or Straight Racing in height categories of ‘Under 23”’ and/or  ‘23”and Over’, or Hurdle Racing as a qualifier for the NL&RC Championships 2015 may send an application to Racing Qualifiers, c/o 20 Songthrush Avenue, Old Basford, Nottingham NG6 0NH. 

There is no closing date for the applications due to the potential difficulty obtaining confirmation of ground/venues. Please note, however, that no applications with less than 4 weeks notice will be considered. 

Applications should include Title, Date and Location of the Show (and postcode if possible), with contact details for the organiser / applicant, and be accompanied by a cheque for £5.00 per category, made payable to NL&RC. (i.e. if you want Unders and Overs Racing please send a cheque for £10.00, if you also want either Coursing or Hurdles please send £15.00 with all four available for a bonus price of £15.00.)

Any questions on the above please contact 

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